The Startup Life: Balancing The Thin Line

Happy new year, folks!

With a new year, come new dreams, new aspirations and a new burst of energy. As we move towards more exciting phases in our journey, we must readily acknowledge and take forward all that we have achieved till date. And by achievement, I don’t mean the amazing numbers and flashy events but the sheer dedication, drive and passion that have brought us all together.

In just a short span of time, I have come to realise the importance of working with people that share your values and passion. We might have rolled our eyes at the 7-S strategic framework in our respective classrooms, but it sure holds true in a lot of ways. Having a shared vision is imperative to having a cohesive, strong and successful team.

Working in a startup can be exhausting at times, with each person enacting multiple roles, having resources in limited supply and always being on high-alert. It’s also doubly rewarding when you get that first client, that first round of funding, see the team grow and shine before your eyes and witness the production and proliferation take place right in front of you. It isn’t just about the material things then; it is the wonder and excitement of building things from scratch, making things happen and being the people backing all those developments.

Reculta Team

Where else would you see an entire product being built, tested and deployed in a matter of fourteen days? Where else would you have weekly calls to determine what is the “most immediate priority” of “immediate priorities” that warrant your no less than immediate attention? Where else would you see members of your team sitting out of a client’s office miles away, engaging in frantic discussions with the client and then partying the night away at the said office on successful completion? Or spend countless nights at the office with a generous reserve of caffeine and carbs for company, as you address issue after issue after issue, only to arrive fresh-faced a few hours later to take on the next day’s challenges head-on?

Aside from the obvious complexities, the startup life can be a lot of fun too. From impromptu road trips, cocktail parties, gaming and movie nights to planned dinners and team bonding activities that would make any HR jump with joy, we have it all. So what if we are not in the same city because of our call of duty? We could always have a virtual ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ and a ‘Secret Santa’ to boot and cure that winter loneliness. Too bad if you are sloshed at night after some heavy partying, you will have the entire team dropping you home and confusing the driver even more with their merry banter!

One thing’s for sure, it is a place where you never get bored. You are in the thick of all the action and the days whizz past without you even noticing that you are now a pro at managing your day. It’s not without some effort though. You learn by yourself and learn to take everyone along the waters not knowing whether you’ll sink or swim. But as long as you’re all in the same headspace, it actually ceases to matter.

As you can see, all this wisdom has been a product of just seven months at Reculta and more is yet to arrive. Thus, I bring to you my very own series, “The Startup Life”, coz one page is never enough to describe this madness. So, until next time…..Toodles!


Medha Chatterjee, Reculta