60 days of Summer

My research before my interview process for Reculta Summer Internship led me to believe that the company’s feats were impressive in such a short span of time. It was an exhilarating feeling after the interview when Utsav exclaimed, “Welcome aboard!”

As any other intern, I was anxious about the role and my capability to live up to the expectations. On Day 1, we were briefed about our role, which was expanding our product reach in the under-explored engineering market. Along with the insights derived from the book “To sell is human” and the dedicated mentoring of the team, we succeeded in generating leads and making significant headway.

Along with our main objective, we had the opportunity to choose firm initiatives according to our interests. My area of interest lay in digital marketing and through my experiences I got a better understanding of the said domain and realised the noted differences between undertaking campaigns for my institute and an organisation.

Meet my co-interns

My internship experience was all the more livened up owing to my rapport with my three co-interns, Haricharan, Vijay, and Varun.

My experiences taught me the importance of maintaining the fine thread among observation, auditory and verbal modes of communication in order to succeed in a sales capacity. In this dynamic world, it is imperative that we don’t become too complacent in our abilities, but accept the scope for improvement and the changes to be employed for the betterment of the processes and the organisation as a whole. The first month at Reculta was all about scheduling meetings for product demos and Hari’s insight with respect to human behaviour and acing the sales process left a deep impact on my mind.

Through Vijay’s experiences, I was able to inculcate the habit of being nimble, fast-paced and agile. He is the guy who always speaks his mind no matter what, an admirable quality in itself. I had once asked him the difference between his earlier workplaces and Reculta. His advice I think will be helpful to all the fresh graduates reading this. He said that while he had previously worked in a couple of big firms but with all its perks, there is also quite a significant chance that your work might get unnoticed, but when you’re working in a startup like Reculta, you kind of become attached to the firm, working in close quarters with the top management that too during an Internship, which is seemingly unheard of in MNCs. It was also something that brought a lot of clarity for me regarding my future career choices.

Varun and I, both being coffee enthusiasts shared a lot many conversations over a cup coffee. Since Varun had prior experience of working within a structure and an expansive sales background covering a number of locations across India, he shared his views about the difference that Reculta provided with the kind of flexibility and freedom we had with our work, another one of the many perks of being a part of a startup like Reculta.

The work at Reculta exposed us to some of the biggest names in the corporate world like PwC, Flipkart etc. and big platforms such as like Invest India and Skill India that taught us a great deal about how a startup works.
Now after the plethora of ups and downs that we faced, our internship is coming to an end. I hope to carry forward the learning I received here to my corporate life as I soon begin a new phase in my career. My key takeaway would surely be all the candid moments and cherished memories with my co-interns and co-founders, that never fail to put a smile on my face!

Ishan Pandya